We will consider applicants that reside in Illinois, Michigan and Indiana.

The Application Process

Our goal is to place our orphans in permanent, forever homes. Please be sure you can commit the time and resources needed to care for your dog long-term. We will consider applicants in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan if we have a volunteer available for a home visit. If you are not from an area we cover, please visit National GSP Rescue to find a group that covers your state or region. Our adoption fees reflect the vetting and other care we provide to all our orphans. Our adoption fee is $375 for adult dogs, $250 for seniors (8 years and older), $425 for puppies under 1 year.

Read the adoption application carefully and complete it fully. Our application helps us get to know you and helps us find the right dog for you. Submit your application online.

Once your application is received, it is reviewed by a volunteer to determine if further information is needed. Please check the email that you provided on your application throughout the process. We are 100% volunteer-based, therefore, the time to process applications can vary. It helps in expediting your application if you contact your Vet’s office and notify them that we will be calling for a Vet reference check.

We will check your references and contact your regular Vet to ensure current and/or previous pets have been kept up-to-date with vaccines and monthly heartworm preventative. ISR strives to control the pet population, and we will not allow our dogs to be adopted into homes with animals that are not spayed/neutered.

If your application moves forward, a volunteer will contact you to schedule a home visit. The home visit is a vital part of the process with the purpose of meeting potential adopters and get a feel for their home environment. Home visits may be in person or virtual.  We ask that all family members be present for the home visit.

Once the above steps are completed and you have been approved, you will receive more detailed information on available orphans currently in our program. If it is determined that a particular GSP is a good fit for both the dog and the applicant, then a meet and greet can be arranged. Prior to the actual adoption, we require a signed adoption contract, signed medical sheet, and payment of the adoption fee.

The adoption fee is non-refundable and serves to reimburse ISR for the costs invested in your new GSP. If the placement doesn’t work out, we require the dog be returned to OUR care. We will take any of our rescues back, regardless of the reason. We ask for a minimum of two week’s notice for us to find foster care for the dog. We reserve the right to refuse any applicant.

Online Application