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A.J. – Fostered in Illinois

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AJ c;lose up face
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AJ is a senior dog who won’t require a lot of exercise, but we still recommend a fenced yard.  He’s good with cats and other dogs.  Will do best in a home where someone is home most of the time with him.


AJ is a senior gentleman GSP who is about 13 years old and weighs about 63 pounds.  He’s an absolute love and would delight in nothing more than to be with his people ALL the time.  He’s a typical Velcro GSP and is definitely his happiest when spending time bonding with them.  While we know AJ gets along well with other dogs and cats, we’re not sure about children because his foster family doesn’t have children, but his foster mom says he’s a “super, super sweet boy!”

AJ has had a rough few months and ISR is ready to help this senior boy find the perfect home now. After all he’s been through, he certainly deserves the best!  At 13 years old, AJ was relinquished by his owner (personal medical emergency), went to a shelter, then to a foster home, and now, at last, ISR has rescued him and he’s currently in a wonderful ISR foster home.

When AJ first arrived at his ISR foster home, he was very anxious and upset over his new circumstances, which considering his age and previous settings in a shelter and other situations, is understandable.  His foster mom says it’s taken a few weeks for him to adjust, but he’s coming along nicely now.  AJ’s new family will need to have the patience and understanding to help him adjust again when he’s re-homed with his forever family.  Until he has time to adjust to his new environment and understands how much his new family loves him, he may display a higher than average separation level.  To help AJ calm down in his foster home, his foster mom sought help from the Vet and has been able to give AJ medication to help him through his anxiety.  And, as we said, his foster mom says he’s doing so much better now!

AJ has a normal GSP prey-drive and while he doesn’t pay much attention to birds, he definitely notices squirrels and probably gave them a run for their money “back in the day”.  On his daily walks to the park, if he sees a squirrel, he absolutely reacts to them and would probably love to give chase if he were allowed off-leash…or not, but he sure is interested! 😊

At 13 years old, AJ isn’t always full of get-up-and-go, but he does still have pep-in-his-step.  He loves his daily walks and enjoys wandering around in the yard and exploring.  He’s a perfect gentleman on the leash and doesn’t try to “walk his walker” …a nice gentlemanly stroll is what he’s all about.  AJ doesn’t show an interest in dog toys or excited play, but he perks right up when you get his leash out for walks.  His daily walks have really helped to limber him up and they’ve also helped lessen his anxiety level.

As a senior dog, it’s hardly unexpected that AJ shows some aging signs…most noticeably, he’s a little hard of hearing, but does hear louder sounds.  That being said, it’s difficult sometimes to let him know what you want him to do if you don’t speak loudly to him and have his attention.  But when he knows what you want him to do, he tries very hard to make you happy by complying. 😊

AJ isn’t a counter surfer but he’s not above begging for a morsel or two if you’re eating something he thinks he’d like to share with you.  He’s extremely easy to have around and also to be around.  His foster mom has nothing but praise for AJ.  She says, “he’s very laid back and happy to just nap in the sunshine somewhere. He’s a super sweet boy and a bit insecure, but given time and patience, he’s proven he’s a marvelous boy…he’s very easy!”

There are so many benefits to adopting a senior dog like our AJ.  Senior dogs are ready to love and are incredibly happy and appreciative of the love you openly and willingly give them as they bond with you in their new home. This is very, very true of AJ.  He just wants to be with someone who will love him as much as he loves his people…which is a lot!  AJ has a much calmer temperament, another big plus in a household that prefers a relaxing environment over all the excitement and flurry younger GSPs bring with them.  If you adopt AJ, you know in advance what to expect from his behavior because his personality and gentleness are already established, and you’ll have the companionship and loyalty of a very loving dog.

AJ is at a time in his life where he deserves to be enjoying his “golden years” with a family who will have the patience, love, and understanding he longs for.  A family that will love him as much as he’s going to them.  If you’re the family that deserves AJ and want to help give him those perfect golden years, then please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • A.J. is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.

  • A.J. is altered.

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Teddy – Fostered in Illinois

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Teddy cute looking up
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Teddy is a male; possibly a GSP mix and is about 18 months old.  Does well with other dogs with appropriate introductions, but probably not cats.  Too rough for young toddler children.  Fenced yard recommended. 


Teddy is a very sweet male about 18 months old.  He’s a lean, well-muscled young dog who weighs about 50 pounds.  We think Teddy may be a GSP mix, but he certainly has many of the qualities and personality of a GSP. He’s had a rough start to his young life, but he’s making great strides and we’re happy to help him find his new forever family and home!

When Teddy arrived at his new foster home, he was quite timid and not sure about his new circumstances, but he’s been living with a loving, patient foster family and he’s thriving in this environment. Teddy’s learning what it’s like to live in a home with a family that loves him.  He can still be a little timid with new sounds and circumstances, but for the most part, he’s learned that not everything new is going to hurt him.

Teddy loves to play with other dogs who have the exuberance and energy level he does!  He recently had a playdate with 2 female GSPs and he did great!  The 4-year-old GSP played with Teddy for some time, and they had a blast!  The older GSP wasn’t much in the mood for the youngster and rebuked him a couple of times, but Teddy took it in stride and went back to playing with the younger one.  Teddy will require a lot of exercise and playtime to help expend some of the puppy-like energy he still has.  As a younger dog who is still figuring out his world, we highly recommend a fenced yard for Teddy to help keep him safe and as a way for him to expend some of that energy!

Teddy is very prey-driven and loves to chase squirrels and birds in the yard.  He’s described as having a medium energy level; however, age-wise he’s still considered a bit of a “puppy” and in very puppy-like fashion he still likes to mouth things like sleeves, hands, pant legs, etc.  Because Teddy is still very puppy-like we recommend he not be homed with small children who may accidentally be hurt while Teddy’s playing and growing out of his puppy behaviors.

This boy loves to run!  His fosters have a fenced yard so he has room to exercise and stalk all the little critters he can sneak up on before he’s discovered.  If he’s not in the yard looking for little animals he can catch unawares, he’ll be in the house chewing on chew toys and other dog friendly playthings.  But a word of caution here…Teddy is a power chewer and can…and will…destroy toys very quickly!  Luckily, he hasn’t shown interest in chewing things he shouldn’t, but his fosters make sure he always has toys or dog chews around to keep him interested.

Teddy hasn’t displayed any separation anxiety and is crate trained.  He actually loves his crate and when his door is left open, he often goes inside to be on his own.  Teddy stays in his crate all night and is quiet while in there; he enters with just a hand gesture and verbal cue.  His fosters also crate him when they have to leave him home alone during the day.  Teddy isn’t food or toy aggressive and his fosters say Teddy “is very easy-going in this respect”.  Teddy knows what “sit” means and he comes with a clap or a whistle when you call him.

Teddy came to ISR without any behavioral training or understanding of routine commands.  His fosters are working with him in this area, but he’ll need additional training with his new family, one of the reasons we’d love to have Teddy placed in a home with a gentle family who has the time, patience, and understanding to help him learn what it’s like to be a happy, respectable pet.  His new family may want to consider enrolling Teddy in obedience classes to help in this process.  Teddy is very food and praise motivated and really wants to make his people happy, which may help during his training.

It didn’t take long for Teddy’s fosters to fall in love with this boy.  According to them, “Teddy is a real diamond in the rough.  Given time and patience, he’ll be a loving companion for life.  He has a beautiful expression on his face when he looks at you.  Teddy’s a little shy and tends to withdraw in new environments.  It may take a while for him to adjust and become totally comfortable in his new home.  He loves to know where his people are and wants to be near them whenever he can.”

Overall, Teddy will need a family with the patience and commitment to help him build the confidence he needs to thrive.  Teddy is so sweet and ready to meet his new family.  An active family with older children and another dog he can play with and learn from will be a great place for Teddy to “hang his bone” …or should we say, “call his new home.” 😊

If you’ve read Teddy’s story and have decided he’s that special companion you’ve been waiting for, simply complete our online adoption application. It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

· Teddy is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.

· Teddy is altered.

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Roxi – Fostered in Illinois

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Roxi cuddle
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Roxi is good with other dogs. She has a high prey drive and will need a home without cats or other small critters. Previous GSP experience preferred. No toddlers or younger children; older children will be fine. Family willing to provide her with a lot of exercise. Fenced yard recommended.


Roxi is a 1 ½ year old female all liver GSP weighing about 43 pounds. She is on the smaller side but don’t let her size fool you. She may be small on size but she’s BIG on life! She’s extremely playful and doesn’t have a “slow” speed.

Roxi is fostered in a home with 2 other dogs, one being another GSP. She’s very good with her foster siblings and loves playing chase with Maddie, the other GSP. It takes Roxi a bit longer to warm up to a new dog when meeting one, especially dogs that are considered alphas. While Roxi is on the smaller side for a GSP, she doesn’t play small. She’s all about rough and tumble and may be too much for dogs smaller and more timid than her. If another dog is in Roxi’s future, we recommend one of like size and one who will play with her and accept her antics.

We’re unsure how Roxi will react with cats; however, she has extremely high prey-drive. She happily gives chase to squirrels, birds, and any other animals that creep…or run…through her yard. Roxi equates animal movement to prey for chase and she’ll also do this while on leash. She’s very strong for her size and if on a leash walk, the walker needs to be alert to the possibility of strong pulls if an animal is sighted. Her foster family is working with Roxi on this habit, but she will need additional time and training on leash to help her understand this isn’t acceptable.

Roxi has a very high energy level and will require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to keep her boredom in check. A bored GSP can easily result in a naughty GSP. Her foster mom has been getting up early in the morning and giving Roxi and her dogs about an hour of exercise and play time and this has really helped Roxi calm down and relax more during the rest of the day. A large, fenced yard with a lot of room to run will be ideal. An active family looking for a dog they want to take with them on long walks, jogs, bicycle rides, hiking, etc. will be a great match for Roxi. Her foster dad takes Roxi on leash while he rides a bicycle and she has such a good time! She loves to play with other dogs, but she also loves to play people games, too. Fetch, tug-of-war, and frisbee chase are people activities she enjoys. Older children who can spend time playing with Roxi will be wonderful; however, smaller children (toddlers, babies) may easily be hurt if Roxi tries to play with them. She’s still a puppy and is still “puppy rough”. Roxi also likes playing with dog toys, Kongs, and dog chews.

Roxi has shown the typical Velcro dog trait so many GSPs seem to have. She loves people and will follow them around looking for cuddles and attention. Her favorite thing to do when relaxing is to be ON or next to a person or one of her foster siblings. She doesn’t exhibit separation anxiety and has never shown any type of aggression to either humans or other dogs. Roxi is crate-trained but prefers to be out with her people and other foster siblings. When she first enters her crate, she will whine and cry a little bit, but she settles down in a very short time and will relax and take a nap.

Roxi came from a home where the owners had a newborn and didn’t have time to properly reinforce her training, and since she’s still a puppy by GSP standards, she continues to show habits…some cute and some just a bit naughty…of a puppy. She does know several commands including, “come”, “down”, “stay”, and “paw”; however, she gets distracted easily and may not always follow-through as she should. She’ll require a family with a lot of time, patience, and energy to help her learn boundaries and commands. Her new owners may want to consider enrolling Roxi in obedience classes to help with this training. Obedience classes will help in several ways for Roxi and her new family; bonding is strengthened during training time together, mental stimulation increases, socialization skills are learned, and training will also help keep Roxi and others safer through understanding of verbal commands.

Roxi’s foster parents have so many loving words for Roxi and her personality that we felt it best to include their own words to further describe this sweet little pup. “Roxi is SUCH a cuddler! She will put her little head on you and pass out. She loves cuddling with other dogs, too. She loves being under the covers and when you lift them, she’ll flop on her side and roll around making the cutest noises! Her playfulness is so fun to watch! She loves being outside and hopping around while watching birds. Roxi is as sweet as can be! She just wants attention, whether it’s being played with, cuddled, or petted. She loves to explore and can be very independent outside, but dependent when inside. She is friendly with everybody she meets and will gladly accept love from anyone. To put it simply, Roxi wants to love and be loved.”

If you’re that family that wants give Roxi your love and take her with you on your adventures, then please take a few minutes to complete our online adoption application. It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Roxi is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.

  • Roxi is altered.

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Dean – Fostered in Illinois

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Dean looking up
Gunnar side 1
Gunnar side 1


Dean is very athletic and must have a fenced yard with a fence that is at least 5 feet high.  He gets along well with other dogs but NOT cats or other small, prey-type animals.  Will do great with children, but best if at least grade school age or older.  A family with previous GSP experience and savvy who understands the need of this breed will be best match for Dean.


Dean is a handsome 2-year-old GSP weighing about 50 pounds and he’s the definition of what a German Shorthaired Pointer symbolizes in personality and athletic ability!

Dean plays well with other dogs and is homed with other dogs in a foster home, but if he goes to a home with another dog, it’s best he be paired with a dog of like size and energy.  He’s not aggressive or possessive with his toys and is very happy to have a playmate.  However, Dean doe NOT like cats and if he sees one, even on a leash walk, he pulls on the leash and barks, letting you know he’d like nothing better than to give chase to his perceived prey.  Dean is extremely prey-driven and will chase birds, rabbits, squirrels, etc.  He actually chased a squirrel right up into a tree (see picture above).  His foster mom thinks he would have climbed further up the tree if she didn’t have him on a long lead and able to coax him down before he went further.  When he sees prey, he gets very excited and very vocal!  This boy’s athletic ability is off the charts.  If you adopt Dean, it will be necessary to have a fence he can’t easily jump.  He easily clears a 4 ft. fence so a secure fence of 5 ft. or higher will be best.

Dean is extremely good with children, but he gets excited during play and may be a bit rough with toddlers and accidentally knock them down; however, he should do well with school-aged children of all ages.  He’s truly a family, people-type dog.  He adores his foster sister who’s 12 years old and she adores him, too.  He’s a cuddle bug and is happiest when he’s curled up on or near someone. or even snuggling under blankets with his person.  He’s very affectionate with everybody in his foster home; a typical Velcro GSP.

Since Dean is a very high energy dog, he will require a lot of exercise and playtime to keep him healthy and content.  He needs to run a lot, play hard, and interact with people…in other words, he needs a very active family who wants to include him in their activities; a family with another dog as a playmate will be a great bonus for Dean.  With proper training he’d be great for a jogging partner, bicycling, hiking, etc.  He LOVES to ride in a car, so he’ll make a good travel buddy, too.  He’s curious in the car but remains calm and relaxed and will eventually lie down and relax for most of the ride.

Dean is always on the hunt with his nose to the ground or in the wind working the area for scents of tell-tale prey.  He works a mile a minute and is in absolute heaven when he’s in the field on a very long lead or on one of his multiple daily leash walks.  As you can imagine, after he expends all that GSP energy, he sleeps like a baby when it’s naptime and bedtime.  His foster family allows him on their furniture, and he loves sleeping with their daughter at night on her bed.

Squeaky toys, pig ears, bully sticks, and cow hooves are terrific treats and toys for Dean.  He loves a good squeaky toy, but his fosters are careful to supervise his chewing of any toys that may come apart and represent a hazard for Dean.  He also likes it when his foster mom freezes goodies inside his Kong.  This particular treat can keep him busy for a while in his down time from outside play.  For mental stimulation inside the home, his foster mom will sometimes hide treats around the house and let him find them.  And be sure to keep a close eye on your socks.  He doesn’t chew them but treats them more as a prize and loves to tease his people with them.  He grabs one and prances around as if to say, “Ha Ha Ha, look what I have!”  All in the hopes of getting his family engaged in a game of chase.  He’ll do the same thing with a tennis ball.  Dean loves to play the chase game, but he doesn’t easily give his prize up, so obviously retrieving and dropping the item for you isn’t something he has learned.  Or, if he knows how, he just likes the chase game so much he doesn’t want it to end and decides not to give in and hand over his prize.

Dean has had some crate-training, but his fosters haven’t found it necessary to use the crate often because, like many others, the COVID pandemic has necessitated them to work from home. His foster mom has been training him in crate for about an hour at a time and gives him a frozen goodie filled Kong to keep him busy.  Dean’s finally at the point where he’ll go inside his crate on his own once in a while for a nap if his door is left open, particularly if his people are nearby.

Like most GSPs, Dean wants nothing more than to make his people happy and he’s a very fast learner.  He already knows a few commands including, “sit”, “stay”, and “come”.  He’s currently learning the meaning of “whoa” to train him to stop while he’s running on his long lead in the field.  Right now, Dean pulls rather hard while on leash, especially if he sees another animal.  This is where using the “whoa” command should become a helpful aid as he learns the meaning and stops on his own.  He’s very food motivated so training is easier if some type of food reward is offered.

Dean is a very vocal dog and will “talk” (bark) when he gets excited, mostly when he’s inside the house and happens to see critters outside; he lets you know he really wants outside to give chase!  A true GSP…ever alert and ever ready!  While it may be normal behavior for a GSP to get excited in these circumstances, his barking can be a bit overwhelming and is something his foster family is trying to curb and correct.  This will probably be something his new family will also want to work on with Dean.

Dean’s foster family is truly enamored of this little ball of fire!  They’ve sent us so many positive and sweet things describing him and sharing them is the best way to show you how loved this boy is.  “Dean is a lap dog.  When relaxing, it’s usually right next to us or on us.  He loves to be snuggled up when he naps (under blankets).  He plays hard and sleeps hard.  In our eyes, he’s your textbook GSP.  Dean’s intelligent, funny, playful, enthusiastic, eager to please, energetic, adventurous, gentle, affectionate, family orientated, and very prey driven.  Dean is a gem, and we are truly grateful to have had the privilege of fostering him. He’s brought so much happiness to our family and to our own dogs.”

If you’re an active family who is looking for a loyal, loving energetic, athletic companion to include in all of your activities and think Dean is the perfect match for you,  then please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Dean is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.

  • Dean is altered.

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