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Heidi – Fostered in Michigan

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Heidi is a senior dog who won’t require a lot of exercise, but we still recommend a fenced yard.  She’s good other dogs, currently homed with several other dogs.  Will do best in a home where someone is home most of the time with her and no young children.


Heidi is a sweet, petite (40 pounds) 13-year-old senior girl who is so happy to be with a foster family that’s home with her most of the time and also has other company for her in the way of 7 other dogs.  She was kept in a barn for 13 years and she truly deserves a family that is looking for a quiet, loving, loyal companion to add to their family.

Heidi has a condition called hip dysplasia and takes medication to help alleviate the pain associated with this condition.  When Heidi finds her forever family, her new family will need to continue her pain management medications to help her enjoy her day-to-day comings and goings; however, her foster mom says administering the medication isn’t a problem.

While Heidi likes being with the other dogs, she also lets them know when they’re in an area she wants to claim as “her space”.  Mind you now, she doesn’t hurt them at all, but will give a bit of a yip and/or growl occasionally to let them know they’ve crossed her imaginary line.  Little Heidi doesn’t really appear to be a threat to any of the other dogs.  She’s small, slow and even her occasional “snap” (if you can even call it that) never hits any particular target.  Since she has a condition that is likely painful for her, it could easily be she’s just warning the other dogs to not get close enough to bump into her when they’re nearby or playing.

Heidi may be a little elderly, but she still has a bit of sassiness in her that’s cute to watch when she wants a space already occupied by one of the other dogs.  She’ll casually slip into the space she has set her sights on and then either snuggle with the dog that’s already there or give a few little yips until they move and give her the prime real estate.

Clearly, since Heidi is a senior GSP, she doesn’t fill her days with a lot of energetic play or engage in running after small backyard critters; however, she does love to go around the backyard getting good sniffs...and short, slow leash walks are also one of her favorite things.

Heidi hasn’t shown any food aggression or toy aggression with the other dogs or with her foster family.  There aren’t any children or cats where Heidi lives now, but we don’t believe Heidi will do well in a home where children are small enough to fall on her or try to play roughly with her.  As far as Heidi’s acceptance of cats, her foster mom doesn’t believe Heidi would be a threat to one because of her hip and slow movements.

Heidi doesn’t like being in a crate and because her foster family doesn’t really have the need to crate her, they’ve decided not to make this a “must do” with Heidi.  They also don’t make Heidi follow commands such as “sit” and “down” due to her hip dysplasia.  Heidi can sit and lie down, but the fosters feel it best if she does these things on her own without being forced to do so.  Heidi isn’t ever in a situation where she has to be reprimanded to follow such commands, so it’s been a non-issue for all of them.

Heidi does come when called and she loves being where the action is!  In this respect she’s your typical Velcro GSP.  She particularly likes to follow her person or people around…everywhere.  Little Heidi may be a bit slow getting around, but she knows how to maneuver herself quickly enough to share your "private spaces" (bathroom) with you if you aren’t quick enough closing the door. 😊

Heidi won’t require a lot from her new forever family, but we’d love to see Heidi placed in a home with a family that will be patient and loving with her and let her know she’s loved and safe.  A home with very few stairs and several carpeted rooms would be best for Heidi.  She may not be a youngster anymore, but she loves people and being with them all the time.  Companionship is just an arm’s reach away if Heidi’s in the house.  She’s always near by and so happy to have a few pets and snuggles.  Heidi is ready to love and be loved and we hope you’re ready to give Heidi the home she deserves.  She’s ready to put her past behind her and enjoy you and your family for the rest of her days…by your side.

If you're the family that has that special place in your heart for Heidi and want to help her have those perfect golden years, then please complete our  Online Adoption Application.  It's the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Heidi  is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.

  • Heidi  is altered.

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