More about Macie

UPDATED 11/28/18– We’re updating Macie’s story with some positive notes.  She’s been with her foster family for a few weeks now and the family couldn’t be happier with her sweetness and overall personality.  We often find it necessary to update our stories with new information, especially for those dogs whose story was posted when they’d only been with their foster families for a few days.  Such is the case for Macie.


Macie is a female GSP, approximately 6 ½ years old with a medium energy level.  Recommend a fenced yard.  Macie is fine with other dogs but also likes to have her “alone” time.  Another dog with the same energy level and temperament will be a good match for Macie.  Good with cats.


Macie’s pictures illustrate what a beautiful, sleek GSP she is.  She has a dark shiny black coat with “sprinkles” of white throughout.  She’s approximately 6 ½ years old and in excellent condition.  In her “prior” life, Macie spent time jogging with her owners which helped her stay fit and trim.

Toddlers don’t seem to attract Macie’s interest; however, if she goes to a home with toddlers and/or small children we advise she be closely supervised so she doesn’t accidentally harm them.  It’s very hard for any dog (and Macie is no exception) to be careful of little ones who may be in their way when they’re excited, playing, or eager to go outside. 

Macie has a medium energy level, is very playful, and loves being in the backyard and going for walks.  As with most GSPs, Macie exhibits the classic GSP prey-driven behaviors of the breed.  When she’s outside, she’s constantly on the hunt for squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, etc.  Basically, any small backyard animal that seems enough to stalk and practice her characteristic GSP skills on.  Macie also likes to chase tennis balls and play tug with rope toys.  She gets along with other dogs and likes to play outside with them, but when Macie has had enough of play time, she enjoys being left to her own devices for some alone time.  Her foster dad thinks Macie would love a dog buddy that has the same energy level and temperament as herself.

Macie’s house manners are first-rate.  She’s crate-trained, doesn’t counter-surf, jump up on window sills or screens, and is pretty good at not getting on the furniture unless she’s invited.  Macie hasn't been caught trying to counter-surf, but that doesn't mean she isn't interested in those nummy smells coming from that area.  In other words, you may want to error on the side of caution if you have goodies up there and leave them unsupervised. surprise  Macie doesn't seem to mind staying in her crate if her foster family has to be gone for a bit, but her foster dad doesn't recommend Macie be left for long periods of time by herself.  Macie hasn’t shown aggressive behaviors with food and/or people. Even though she isn’t considered a true Velcro GSP, don’t let that news fool you.  Macie isn’t clingy and/or needy, but she still loves to be near her people, especially if she can lay by them on the couch while they’re reading or watching TV.  She doesn’t insist on being a “lap dog”, but it’s clear she’s happiest when her people are close by.

Her vocabulary and understanding of basic commands is pretty complete.  She knows basic commands, including:  sit, stay, down, and come.  She also responds to “heel” when asked to do so.  Occasionally, Macie may try to ignore the “come” command, especially is she’s stalking a varmint or playing outside.  But after all, that’s what she’s been bred to do…right?  No, no…not ignore commands., but hunt for prey.  smiley

Macie will love a new home that incorporates an active lifestyle and lots of exercise for her.  In her previous home, her owner led an active lifestyle and Macie had the good fortune of being his personal jogging partner.  That lifestyle has contributed much to her lean condition and her overall great health.  A family that likes to be outdoors, bicycle, jog, camp, swim, etc., will probably be a great match for Macie.

Macie’s foster dad is very impressed with his latest acquisition.  He’s been fostering rescued GSPs for ISR for several years and has gained a great insight into their personalities and needs.  Of Macie he says, “Macie’s a great dog!  A beautiful GSP with good house manners and a great personality!  Crate-trained, house broken, no separation anxiety issues, independent, playful, and loves to sit in the yard and wait for squirrels.”  He also believes Macie will only get better (if that’s possible wink) with an owner who takes the time for a “little finishing school” with Macie.

So…what else can we tell you about this pretty girl?  The online Urban Dictionary has a great definition for Macie.  Their definition says, “a really nice, sporty, beautiful, fun to be around, amazing girl!  I don’t think we could say it any better than that!

By now you’re probably thinking our beautiful Macie is the perfect match for you and your family.  If so, please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Macie is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
  • Macie is altered.

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More about Fancy


Fancy is a female GSP, about 5 years old with a medium energy level.  ISR will only place her in an only dog home as she is stressed around other dogs.  We don’t recommend cats, but Fancy is good with children. Recommend a fenced yard.  Will do much better in a home where she is not left alone for long periods of time.  LOVES being with people.


Fancy is a female GSP with a very sweet face and a disposition to match.  She is about 5 years old and weighs about 68 pounds. When I see the pictures of Fancy and read the cute stories about her, I’m inclined to think of her as being a little Miss Fancy-Pants.  A sweet, attractive, little girl with a touch of haughtiness and just enough silliness and naughtiness to make her totally adorable.  If she were a person, I truly believe she’d be wearing fancy pants.  LOL!

When Fancy arrived at her foster home, she was very skittish and easily frightened by loud noises.  Over time and as she’s become more trusting with her fosters, she’s slowly and progressively gotten much better; however, she’s still a work in progress with the noises.  Oddly enough, while loud noises scare her, thunderstorms don’t seem to bother her.  smiley

Fancy is very prey-driven and her foster mom says if it weren’t for having Fancy on a leash when she sees bunnies, their neighborhood bunny population would be down for sure!  She points and stalks backyard prey and gets super excited – spinning around on the leash and trying to get close enough to make new friends – NOT!  Ha-ha!  Fancy’s foster home doesn’t have cats and, due to her prey drive, we recommend that she not be homed with cats.  

Fancy has enjoyed time spent with the neighborhood children and is very friendly with them.  Since she isn’t overly energetic, Fancy may be fine with children as young as toddler age; however, there’s always a chance a toddler can accidentally be knocked over during play but we’re sure it wouldn’t be something Fancy would do intentionally.  There also haven’t been any issues with Fancy being aggressive with toys or food, either.  In general, she’s a pretty laid-back girl when she’s not within eyeball shot of any little critters to chase.

When home with her people, Fancy absolutely wants to be wherever they are.  Very much a Velcro GSP.  She’ll never be far from your sight.  She is crate-trained, but it’s not her favorite spot to “hang out”…especially if her family is near.

Fancy enjoys people food, too.  Something her foster family learned right away.  Goodies on the counter aren’t safe if Fancy is too close.  And, she’s quick as lightning when she has her sights set.  On the bright side, though, her foster mom says Fancy has gotten much better and doesn’t counter surf nearly as much as she used to…vigilance, consistency, and a quick verbal correction by her fosters have made a difference for the better.

Fancy didn’t know many commands when she moved in with her foster family, but she’s gradually learning the basics.  She knows “sit” and “stay” and “down” are works in progress.  As with all our rescues, Fancy included, ISR highly recommends our adopted dogs and their new families take the time to attend dog training/obedience classes. Case in point, Fancy’s foster mom says Fancy is “super smart but also a bit stubborn.  Sometimes I (foster mom) wait 5 minutes for her to sit to put her leash on to go out.”  With more training for Fancy and her new family, her understanding of commands and consistency will be a great benefit for all concerned.  Classes offer many benefits for dogs and humans; however, we recommend these classes be overseen and taught by experienced, caring trainers who utilize proven techniques and know how certain dogs may respond to certain training methods.

One thing we’ve discovered about Fancy is that you’ll probably never have to worry about her “smelling like dog.”  Fancy LOVES to take baths and/or showers.  So much so that her foster mom says, “If you want to shower alone, you better close the door or put up a gate.” LOL!  You’ll see Fancy in the tub in a picture or two above.

Fancy’s foster mom sent us many kind comments about Fancy, so it may be best to share her words with you.

“Fancy is really a good dog.  With some training, she’ll be super!  Fancy’s house manners are relaxed, and she has a sweet disposition.  She’s playful and loves to be close and sit with you.  She just really wants your love and affection.”

So, are you thinking about now that our little Miss Fancy-Pants is the perfect fit for you and your family?  If so, please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Fancy is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
  • Fancy is altered.

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MEET elvis presley (FOSTERED IN illinois) ***ADOPTED***

More about Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley is male GSP, about 10 years old with a high energy level.  He gets along well with other dogs; unsure about cats.  Recommend a fenced yard with plenty of room to run and fetch his toys.


Yep folks.  You read it right.  There’s been another Elvis Presley sighting!  But this Elvis Presley is a 10-year-old beautiful black and white male GSP with a natural tail.  He may know a few Elvis tunes, but if he does, he hasn’t been quick to share them with his foster dad.  Rather than sing, or should we say howl, a few of the Elvis oldies, he’d much rather play fetch in the back yard or romp with his 12-year-old GSP foster brother.  I rather think he got his name because of his soulful “Elvis” eyes and sleek coat.

Elvis weighs about 40 pounds and is a medium-sized GSP with a somewhat high energy level.  He hasn’t shown much prey drive, even when a little bunny or two shows up in his back yard.  He either knows they can out maneuver him, or he just prefers not to join in a chase.  We’re not sure which it is, but they don’t seem to interest him enough to engage in the typical GSP stalk, point, and chase mode.

Elvis Presley adapted quickly to his foster home and enjoys time spent with his people and his dog playmate.  Favorite activities include playing fetch, running and chasing his GSP brother, and snuggling up with his people to rest after his playtime has exhausted him.  He’ll also play fetch by himself if you run out of energy before he does.  He’s a smart guy and already knows many of the basic commands including:  sit, stay, come, and down. 

Elvis is very people-oriented and you’re likely to find him wherever you are, or not too far away from you.  He’s a bit of a Velcro GSP, but in a very good way. He’s also been known to be a bit of a counter-surfer, but nothing too hard to correct.  Just make sure you don’t leave anything too tempting within his reach…he may end up being your official “food taster” …just to make sure everything is safe to eat. LOL!wink

He hasn’t shown any food or toy aggression toward people or animals and hasn’t required a crate to keep him out of mischief.  Like most GSPs, he’s very interested in pleasing his people and tries hard to keep them happy. 

He isn’t fostered in a home with children or cats, so we’re unsure how he’ll be with them; however, given what we currently know about him, it’s likely he’ll do well with either.  Elvis Presley’s foster dad says that Elvis is, “happy, loving, and loves to snuggle.”

When you see and meet our Elvis, we think many of THE Elvis’s songs will start to pop up in your head.  You’ll probably say to yourself, I “Can’t Help Falling in Love” with this little guy.  Really… just look at him.  He’s so cute and cuddly, like a little “Teddy Bear.” And even if he gets soaked with a little “Kentucky Rain”, he’ll be so cute when he gets “All Shook Up” drying himself off.  He’ll soon become your newest “Good Luck Charm”, too.  So, folks, “Are You Lonesome Tonight”?  Then let’s have a “Little Less Conversation” because our Elvis definitely isn’t a “Devil in Disguise”; he's a keeper you'll never want to “Return to Sender”.  Yep...he’s just a good ole GSP “Hound Dog”.

If you think Elvis Presley is the perfect match for you and your family, please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Elvis Presley is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
  • Elvis Presley is altered.

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More about Dax


Dax is a male GSP, approximately 3 ½ years old with a medium energy level.  He is good with children and other dogs; unsure how he is with cats.  LOVES being with people and playing.  Recommend a fenced yard and a calm exercise routine.  Currently heartworm positive, but because his heartworm was diagnosed early, he is being treated with the slow-kill method which doesn’t hamper his activity level.  Prognosis is excellent for Dax. Dax will still need to undergo treatment for the next 3-6 months in the Southwest Chicago suburbs therefore potential adopters must be located in the area.


“Hmmm…what is a Dax?” you say.

According to Wikipedia, “The DAX (Deutscher Aktienindex (German stock index)) is a blue-chip stock market index consisting of the 30 major German companies trading on the Frankfurt Stock exchange.”  Hint here – DAX is German.  Then there’s Dax Shepard, the comedic actor.  Another hint, Dax is a comedian.  And last, but not least, here are some quick facts about Dax from  The origin of the name can be from English or German and the simple meaning is “badger”.  Characteristics of Dax are inspirational, highly intuitive, extremely bright, anduplifting.  “And what does all of this mean?” you say.  In a nutshell, it means that our Dax is all the above rolled up into one, sweet 55-pound bouncing, energetic, loving male GSP! 

If you’re still reading, then you’re intrigued and that’s a good thing because we wouldn’t want you to miss out on this boy.  Dax is a beautiful liver and white spotted and ticked GSP.  Dax is great with other dogs AND children; however, due to his energy level, we recommend you keep a watchful eye on him when he’s around smaller children.  He tends to jump up on them in his excitement and this could cause him to accidentally knock the child over and hurt him/her. 

Dax is prey-driven and can be found chasing those pesky squirrels, rabbits, and other backyard “quarry”.  He’ll even chase bugs (flies, bees, etc.) if can’t find anything more exciting to stalk and harass.  Dax loves to play with his doggy toys and really gets into a good game of tug-of-war with Ace, his doggy playmate (see pic above).  It’s not uncommon to see Dax walking around with a toy in his mouth waiting for the next opportunity to cajole Ace or his people into playing with him.  In one of the pictures of Dax, you’ll see him with a hoop toy in his mouth as he’s playing at being a guard dog at the door.  Maybe he’s just waiting to share his toy with whoever happens to wonder into his home?  After all, he adores people and is quite the love bug.

If Dax is doing something wrong (example: jumping up on someone) he responds very well and quickly to verbal commands and corrections.  He knows “sit” and “come” and he’s starting to understand “stay”.  He’s crate-trained and is very good about going in when necessary, but given a choice, Dax will always pick being with his people over being in a lonely crate.  As with all GSPs, he’s extremely bright, but then we’ve already mentioned that as one of the characteristics of someone (dog in this case) named Dax. smiley

Some of Dax’s favorite things include playing with Ace, going for long walks on his leash, playing and running in the backyard, and keeping an eye open for anything that he can stalk and chase.  Warning:  butterflies should be very wary! LOL!  He’s very good about giving up his toys if asked, and he’s learning that counter surfing is a no-no.  Yep.  Unfortunately, Dax came to us already knowing that those wonderful smells wafting from the counter and tables usually mean some good chow is close at hand.  However, his foster mom says he’s quickly learning counter surfing is not acceptable and he’s getting much better about not trying to steal a quick bite.

Dax’s foster mom says Dax is “super cuddly and will bark when he wants you to rub his head.”  He’s definitely a people-oriented GSP with Velcro tendencies.  She says he loves any individual attention he can get including petting, snuggles, and playing.  If Dax isn’t running around playing, and he isn’t within eyesight, you’re likely to find him in one of his favorite spots – on the bed getting some good R & R before he’s up and at ‘em again. His foster mom even mentioned in her notes that she believes Dax will be happiest with someone who has a lot of time and love to give this love bug, but also someone who won’t mind if he sleeps on their bed.  She said he seems soooooooooo happy when he’s lying there without a care in the world – knowing he’s loved and protected.

As with all our rescues, Dax included, ISR highly recommends our adopted dogs and their new families take the time to attend dog training/obedience classes.  With more training for Dax and his new family, his understanding of commands and consistency will be a great benefit for all concerned.  Classes offer many benefits for dogs and humans; however, we recommend these classes be overseen and taught by experienced, caring trainers who utilize proven techniques and know how certain dogs may respond to certain training methods.

As a younger GSP, Dax will require a regular exercise routine to help him remain well-balanced and happy.  He’s good on a leash and loves playing in the yard, but his routine can also include doing whatever his family is doing:  hiking, biking, jogging, camping, swimming, etc.  As the saying goes, “the sky’s the limit” for Dax.  He’s eager to please and has a ton of love to give to his new family.  In his foster mom’s words, “Dax is playful, fun, energetic, loving, and always hungry.”  LOL!  Sounds like the perfect GSP to us.  What do you think?  If you’re thinking that our handsome Dax is the perfect fit for you and your family, please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Dax is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
  • Dax is altered.

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More about Zooky


Zooky is a male GSP, about 3 ½ years old with a medium-to-high energy level when properly exercised.  He can make a great running partner. He gets along well with other dogs (has been to doggy day-care to help with his activity needs), AND is gentle with children, but we’re not sure how he is with cats.  Zooky must have a fenced yard with plenty of room to romp.  Although Zooky has crate anxiety, he seems to be doing well when left home out of the crate for limited amounts of time.  Zooky loves to play with other dogs and wants to be close to his people. He is most happy and settled when with another dog so that is another placement consideration.


One look at his sweet, kooky face and you’ll probably fall under the Zooky-Zooky spell.  Zooky is adorable, energetic, weighs about 60 lbs., and is all GSP!  In slang, Zooky-Zooky means “awesome and amusing” …a very apt description of this handsome boy.

Zooky has a medium-to-high energy level and will require a lot of play and exercise time to keep him happy and well-balanced.  This is especially true because he is still young at only 3 ½ years old.  He’s an extremely sweet guy and his energy level requires adequate exercise and play time for him to relax when he’s inside.  He loves to run and play, especially with his foster mates.  See for yourself in this video of him and 2 other dogs romping and playing in the yard.  Zooky loves to coax other dogs into chasing him, knowing full good and well they won’t be able to catch him. His favorite toy is a simple, but strong, piece of rope for him and his pals to use to play tug-of-war.  And it’s not a big deal if the other dogs don’t want to play with Zooky.  If they’re not interested, Zooky simply grabs the rope, tosses it into the air, and then pounces on it repeatedly until he tires of this and looks for something else to do.  After all, play is play to our kooky Zooky.

Zooky really looks forward to his play time, but he seems to understand it’s time to calm down when inside.  He also understands he needs to be calmer and gentler when around small children and older people.  A definite plus for a dog with his energy level.

There have been no signs of aggression (with food or toys) from Zooky towards other pets or his people; nothing when he’s eating or playing.  His foster mom thinks Zooky has had some work with basic commands but says he could use a short refresher course.  He currently knows:  sit, stay, come, and down.  While Zooky knows these commands, he’s easily distracted, and may not always want to obey what he hears.  To help Zooky and his new family become better acquainted and consistent with the commands, webelieve Zooky and his new family will benefit by attending dog training/obedience classes.  These classes offer many benefits for dogs and humans; however, we recommend these classes be overseen and taught by experienced, caring trainers who utilize proven techniques and know how certain dogs may respond to certain training methods.

Zooky is crate-trained but be forewarned… he doesn’t care for his crate at all. surprise  This is one of the reasons we think Zooky needs to be in a home where he isn’t left alone for long periods of time.  He gets anxious if left alone for extended periods of time and prefers to be with his people or doggy playmates…he’s a true Velcro GSP in every respect. 

According to his foster mom, Zooky makes a great jogging partner and will do best with a family that leads an active lifestyle; a family that wants to include Zooky in their adventures as an active part of the family.  During times when it’s not possible for Zooky to participate in planned, interactive exercise time with his family, doggy daycare is a great option for him.  He LOVES to spend time at a quality, licensed doggy daycare where he’s free to romp and play with other dogs. 

His foster mom has many things to say about kooky Zooky-Zooky, and all of them are good!  She says, “Zooky is very good and gentle with children of all ages, including younger children.  Heis a Velcro dog and wants to be wherever his people are.  Zooky is a goof ball and will make you laugh daily!”  

Zooky will make the perfect GSP for an active family that’s happy and willing to include him in their activities. He’s full of energy and ready to “get up and go” with the best of them.  He loves people, children, other dogs, playing, tug-of-war, and life in general.  To make Zooky’s life complete, all it will take is a family to love him as much as he’ll love you. 

If you think Zooky is the perfect match for you and your family, please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Zooky is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
  • Zooky will be altered before adoption.

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More about Flecka


Flecka is a female GSP, about 2 years old with a high energy level.  She gets along well with other dogs AND cats.  Flecka must have a fenced yard with plenty of room to romp.  Very young GSP so it will be important to incorporate an exercise plan appropriate for her energy level.   Children aged 5 and older should be fine; however, she isn’t fostered in a home with children at this time.  This age group is recommended because of Flecka’s energy level and the possibility she could unintentionally knock younger children over and cause them to hurt themselves.


Flecka is a beautiful, young female GSP.  She is 2 years old and is predominately white with large liver spots and a natural tail.  Since coming to ISR and her foster family, Flecka has been with 2 dogs and a cat and all interactions have been positive and playful.  Although Flecka doesn’t attempt to play with her foster family’s cat, she also doesn’t attempt to harm him either.

Flecka is extremely prey-driven and her motto seems to be, “if it moves, I’m VERY interested!”  Of course, this means any backyard animals will have to be speedy and covert if they try to share the same living space as Flecka. wink Flecka’s prey-drive has provided ample opportunities for her foster parents to teach her the meaning of “leave it” when she’s in the presence of squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, etc.  If you put Flecka into a sit, she will normally stay without having to prompt her again when she sees backyard animals.  She’s a very fast and willing learner when it comes to doing what her people ask of her.

Flecka’s foster family has been doing a fantastic job of working with her in many areas to help her be the perfect pet when she’s adopted.  Flecka was skittish upon her arrival to her foster home, but with time and patience, she has learned that meeting people isn’t as traumatic as she originally thought it might be and her wariness is fast disappearing.  She isn’t fostered in a home with children, but her foster parents believe she’d adjust wonderfully to children.  Children tend to approach Flecka too quickly causing her to want to distance herself from them; however, we believe this is just because she hasn’t been exposed to many children in her past.  Also, Flecka shows absolutely no aggressive tendencies toward people or other animals while eating or playing, which helps promote our idea that she’d be fine with children in her new home.

Flecka’s energy level is VERY HIGH.  As a healthy, young GSP, she is always ready and raring to go…go…and be gone!  She’s extremely athletic and loves to run.  You can watch this slow-motion video of Flecka and witness first-hand her extraordinary athleticism and jumping abilities as she jumps onto a hay bale when directed by her foster dad.  WOW!  Now that’s beauty in motion as far as we’re concerned!  Her foster parents take her out for several walks a day and Flecka has play sessions in between her walks.  In typical GSP fashion, when she’s out in the fields, she spends most of her time running and sniffing.

Besides loving to be in the field doing what all GSPs love to do, Flecka will happily spend time playing fetch in the yard with anybody willing to throw a fetch toy for her.  She’s a top-notch fetcher and rambunctious outdoors but is much more subdued and calmer when inside the house.  She’s quite content to curl up somewhere close to her people and can often be found in the lap of someone if that someone will willingly give up their comfy spot on the furniture to sit on her bed/floor with her.

Flecka is a typical GSP Velcro dog and is much happier when she can keep her pack of humans within sight.  If she must be left alone, she may initially whimper and whine a little bit, but this is infrequent and not an issue.  Flecka is crate-trained and sleeps in her crate for 8+ hours at night in the same room as her foster parents.  While she prefers to be out with her people (what dog doesn’t), she doesn’t get too anxious when asked to go in her crate as needed.  To make the crating a more positive experience for Flecka, a treat-filled Kong toy always does the trick. smiley

Flecka didn’t know any basic commands when she joined her foster family, but she’s a very fast learner and already knows “sit” (very good at this) and is making great progress on “stay” and “fetch”.  To help her learn even more, we believe Flecka and her new family may benefit greatly from suitable dog training/behavior and obedience classes; however, we recommend these classes be overseen and taught by experienced, caring trainers who utilize proven techniques and know how a dog may respond to certain training methods.

There are only one or two “not so good” habits Flecka may exhibit if left unsupervised.  Occasionally she’ll find a sock or slipper lying around and will happily pick it up believing it to be her new toy.  So far, no damage done, but no promises if you don’t catch her in time. If you do catch her with a UFO (Unidentified Flecka Object), she’ll drop it if you ask her.  And you may also want to keep an eye on the garbage and recycling items if she’s left alone with them, because she doesn’t mind rifling through them looking for something of interest to her.

Sometimes we find it helpful to let the foster family have a few lines in our stories to talk about their foster dogs, and this time is no different.  Flecka’s foster parents are very fond of this sweet girl and have many positive things to say about her.  So, in their words, here’s the “skinny” on our sweet Flecka:

“Flecka is very sweet, playful, and energetic.  She’s intelligent and is a quick learner and eager to please. She leans on you when getting pets and makes great eye contact when you talk to her.  Flecka is very quiet and has only barked a few times in the almost 4 weeks we’ve had her.  She travels well in a car and lies down quickly and sleeps once under way.  She likes to sit on our front porch and wags her tail when people and other dogs walk past.  Flecka is extremely loving with those she knows and appears to want to make friends with unknown people and dogs. Every day Flecka makes some change for the better.”

Our Flecka is truly going to make the right family the perfect GSP pet.  All it seems to take with this pretty girl is consistency, patience, lots of love and a bit of time.   She’ll require a very active lifestyle and will probably do better with a family that likes to “get up and go” …as long as Flecka goes, too.  Lots of exercise AND love will be mandatory to keep Flecka as happy and sweet as she already is.  If you think Flecka is the perfect match for you and your family, please complete our online adoption application.  It’s the quickest and best way for us to learn of your interest.

  • Flecka is up to date with routine shots and is house trained.
  • Flecka will be altered before adoption.

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FACT:  Heartworm disease, if detected early enough and treated correctly, is CURABLE.

ISR does not refuse to rescue a dog because it is heartworm positive.  Most often, we will not know a dog is heartworm positive until after he/she is in our rescue.  We accept these dogs because we know heartworm disease can be cured; however, it can be costly and the process to cure a dog of this illness is grueling for the dog and their caretaker.  Treatment of a badly infected heartworm dog can cost up to $1,000, but this does not prevent us from making every attempt to cure these deserving dogs and place them in their forever homes.

All of our GSP orphans have faced countless difficulties throughout their journey to us, but heartworm positive dogs have faced even more hardships because they have lived with this disease and fought the hard battle to beat it.  And beat it they have!

Meet Pepper and Jesse...

Both of these GSPs were heartworm positive dogs.  They were successfully treated by ISR, adopted, and are now living happy, active lives.  Read more about Pepper and Jessie on our News and Events page.

ISR prohibits the adoption of heartworm positive dogs that have not been treated and cured; however, at times, we may feature them with our adoptable dogs because one day soon, they will be ready for their forever home and are definitely worthy of your consideration.  Dogs cured of heartworm disease can live happy, high quality lives.  Heartworm disease is very common in the United States, so we are in need of caring adopters like you that are willing to open their home to a dog that has had heartworm disease. We believe our cured heartworm dogs have as much to offer their new adopters as any of our GSPs, and also deserve a chance at a new life.

If you’re unable to consider adopting any of our orphans at this time, but wish to support our efforts, please click this DONATE link for more information.  Thank you for your consideration and assistance.